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Internet and privacy


I’ve been using Internet since a long time, when real time streaming music was something impossible and “www.altavista.com” was not something common to type but more something like “”.

A lot of changes has been made to the Internet since the first time I’ve used it :

  • Technological progress : More speed, more ease of use, more services, more choices
  • Social progress : Open Source initiative, forums, chat, e-mails, a renew of the old newsgroups, …
  • Economic progress : Yahoo, Google, On line Games, …

However something never changed : The manner how Internet treated the privacy of our personal information.


Richard Stallman

The Open Source world


Last world of freedom for some, words of horrors for others : The Open Source is something that doesn’t let anyone neutral.

In this Post we will see what Open Source really is.



What would happen if Microsoft ceases his activities?


Microsoft has been one of the main leaders in the IT market since 35 years.

As everything, it all began with one product: BASIC interpreters for the Altair 8800.

MS-DOS, the first operating system sold by Microsoft came just after and this operating system opened the way to the well-known Windows.

Now Microsoft represent more than hundreds of different products, many of them are success stories.

But, even if it’s totally a fiction: what may happen if Microsoft ceases all his activities?


Intel 1103 DRAM. Un des premier modèles DRAM : 1KB, fait en 1970.

Be green with your computer ! Tip 2


Bigger is better …….. Go large …….. etc

All those sentences that encourages us to only one thing : over consummating.

This way of life has multiple big side effects :

  • Consuming more is having the biggest impact on the environment (more resources used, processed, converted) and more energy used (and, sadly, more oil consumed).
  • It is also paying more for something that you will waste in the end because you will not use it !

In this series of post we will see how you can avoid those situations with your computer (so be more friendly with the environment).




Go Linux ! Part 1


In this sequel we will see how one can use Linux as his main operating system.

The approach will be around some specific needs that users have and think that Linux can’t provide.

We will focus here on Home users. One of their biggest trouble is that they can’t play under Linux.


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