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PwdGen is a password generator in response to this post :

This project is for helping people to generate easily strong passwords. The generator is not executed server side, witch guarantee you a secure way to generate your password (it cannot be catch by the network such as google, a proxy or a packet sniffer).
The program use dictionary technique to generate the password : the dictionaries are melt together, mixed together and then the password is built using a random choosing position inside the mixed dictionary.
The program will not put numbers at starting or ending of the password in order to increase the security level of the password.
Here are the features :

  • Uses Latin alphabet
  • Option to use upper and lower case
  • Option to use numbers
  • Option to use special characters
  • Can generate passwords of big sizes*
  • Can generate an lot of passwords at once*

* Due to security measures in your browser the generation is limited to the computer and browser that you uses. Using a value that is too high will provide bad output and may not complete due to the browser restrictions.

To use it is very simple, just go here.

Then just set the kind of password you want :

With upper case, numbers, special caracters, the password length, how much passwords you want. And then click on “Get password(s)”. If everything goes well you’ll have a box with your passwords in it.

Hope that will helps you !

Best regards,